24 May 2010

Catalan Everyday food (El menjar de cada dia)

Catalan everyday food is mainly about fresh vegetables, a lot of fruit, some fish (sardines, cod, monkish, crayfish, shrimps..) (most of it is exported as there is not a lot of fish in the Mediterranean sea today) or meat (lamb, veal, pork, chicken, duck ..we also eat rabbit here..), and we only use olive oil for cooking.

And of course we like olives too (black and green, but we have a lot of varieties). We have also some other special dishes here like snails (Cargols)..we share that passion with the French (they called it escargots). I am not a fan of them..but I know they taste very good. I don´t think you will see a recipe here though...

We eat a lot of salads (everyday) mainly with olive oil and vinegar as a dressing , and quite a lot of bread...what we called "Pa amb tomàquet"...that is bread with tomato. We also use quite a lot garlic comparing to other cultures. We also eat pasta, mainly macaroni, cannelloni, spaghetti, and rice (the famous Paella).  I will talk about all of these things in the next posts.

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