18 May 2010

Skimmed Stuffed Egg (Ou escumat farcit)

Well, this is very healthy and I have watched it in a cuisine program recently. The video is in catalan, but you can have a look (it is another recipe, but at the minute 3 you can see how you do the skimmed egg). I don´t know how to translate it, so skimmed can be a word.

You need:

an egg
some olive oil

For stuffing the egg:
something like cold meat, ham or similar and some pine nuts or other nuts and some raisins

Some salad, for example?  (in this case, tomatoes, olive pastry,  beetroot, oregano)

How to do it:

In a bowl put a small plastic bag or plastic, some oil at the bottom, the egg, the stuffing, some salt and pepper.

Seal it somehow and avoid the air inside. 

Put it in a saucepan with hot water and be careful not to boil it!!. Just about 6 minutes.

Once it is done, remove it from the water. And decorate!.

Enjoy, Bon Profit!

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