19 May 2010

Small Ciabatta with walnuts, raisins and olives (Xapatina de fruits secs amb panses, nous i olives)

I am happy. My first bread and it tastes delicious!!. Fluffy inside, toasted outside. This recipe is originally from Xavier Barriga, with small changes. Have a look at the video, it will help you.
You can use other stuff for filling the bread, or nothing. You can use other nuts, or bacon, whatever you want.
Ciabatta was originated in Italy, but it is now a tradition here too as you can find it in any bakery.

You need (for 12 small ciabattas):

For the dough:
500 gr flour
2 teaspoons of salt
25 gr of fresh yeast (have a look at the yeast explanation)
280 ml water (tepid)
4 tablespoons of olive oil

For the filling:
100 gr raisins
10 walnuts (cut each one in 2 or 4 pieces)
2 teaspoons of black olive pastry (made with oil, and black olives), or just use sliced olives (black or whites)

1 Egg
herbs (from Provence, for example)

1st day

If you use fresh yeast, mix it with some water and let it stand for 10 minutes.
Knead the bread with the flour, salt, flour, oil, and some water. Add the yeast with the water. Knead it slowly ( if you use a kneader it will take 12 minutes or so). Add more water or flour at anytime if the dough needs it. And then add the filling and continue kneading till you see that it is well mixed. A couple of more minutes.

Put it in a bowl with some flour in the bottom with a damp dishtowel or teatowel and cover the dough.
Put it in the fridge and let this stand for 24 hours.

2nd day

You will see that the volume of the dough is bigger now
Cut it in 12 small pieces of the same size. Let them stand for 30 more minutes at room temperature.
Before introducing it in the oven, paint the surface with an egg.

Preheat the oven and put a bowl with some water inside at the bottom of the oven, so there will be some vapour.

Put the tray with the pieces to the oven for 25 minutes (just the bottom of the oven) and 2 more minutes (bottom and top). 175ºC (350ºF)

Get the tray out of the oven and paint it with some oil mixed with herbs when it is still hot.

Enjoy! Bon Profit!

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